"I'm better with images than words" she said.

One might have to be very eloquent to surpass her imagery.  

We were instantly charmed by the work of Joëlle Janssens.

"Before emoticons existed, I ended all my texts with * X *. This is a living series that spans several years, and might never end." 

Joëlle's works submerge the beholder in a magic-realistic world where bounderies between masks and monsters, movie sets and dreams fade.

What with identity when reference points are blurred?

"I have been taking pictures of my friend since we were 16, after a night out I asked her to take a blanket and twirl around on the hotel bed. The scene on television was a very nice coincidence."

We think coincidence in photography has a lot to do with talent.

Behind the humour and awkwardness of her US-roadtrip works (un)willingly squeaks the saddish reality in the richest country of the world.

"It's really quite hard to stage my son. My husband keeps on asking him to do certain things or act in this or that way, but he never listens. During one of our travels he was running around in a hotel with a mask in the hallway, luckily he kept doing it until I got the shot."

"My husband is an artist too, a very good one if I may say so. For a project some time ago he made a mask and now he just keeps on making them."

We feel there is quite a pleasant contradiction between the distancing of the masks and the intimate surroundings, between the crafted reality on the pictures and the familiar reality behind the scenes.

Check out Joëlle Janssens works from 20-26 July.

She will open her own temporary gallery at KUNSTWERKKUNST:

WED 22 JUL: 3-6 PM
THU 23 JUL: 3-9 PM (vernissage 7PM)
FRI 24 JUL: 10 AM- 2PM
SAT 25 JUL: 10 AM -2 PM & 3-7 PM
SUN 26 JUL: 10 AM - 4 PM