my daily objects

Sien Godderis uses a wide range of materials in her works, that are often narrative compositions. She uses both organic and geometric expressions, forging a unity between structure, form and colour. Godderis intuitively adds layers of meaning to the compositions, balancing between strength and vulnerability. She develops a recognizable visual language, mostly playfull, but often also bittersweet.

GODDERIS researches materials and objects, dissects and re-assembles them in a subtle and poetic way. She calls it the search for the "non-functional essence" of an object or material, creating sculptures and wall sculptures.

Objects are taken out of their functional context by cutting them up and collating them into a sculpture or a wall object. The exposition will show works that have been sculpted following these principles, but also some of her clay sculptures.

GODDERIS invites the public to engage in her research. The gallery will become both an exposition space and a workroom or art laboratory. 

Check out SIEN GODDERIS works from 27 July to 2 August.

She will open her own temporary gallery at KUNSTWERKKUNST:

TUE: 10AM - 5PM
WED: 10AM - 5PM
THU: 10AM - 9PM (vernissage 7/9PM)
FRI: 9AM - 9PM
SAT: 9AM - 9PM
SUN: 10AM - 9PM